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Best Alternatives to WeTransfer for sending large files.

Are you looking for a platform to store and share your documents and folders in the cloud? There are several options on the market, but most of them have a limit on the size of the file to be stored. Of course, WeTransfer is an excellent option, but definitely not the only one! See our list of the 10 best alternatives to WeTransfer for sending large files over the web!

1. Google Drive.

Google Drive is Google’s own solution for storing files in the cloud. It allows you to use up to 15 GB of free space, also offering paid options for users who need more space. Google Drive has monthly plans (and discounts for annual purchases) allowing you to increase the available space to up to 30 Terabytes.

Impressive, isn’t it? You wouldn’t expect less from Google. Synchronize your cloud banking with a folder on your computer using the application or share files directly through the web interface.

best alternatives wettransfer, googledrive

Google Drive deservedly comes first in our list of best alternatives to WeTransfer. Click on this link to access it!

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a practical and a widely used solution for transferring and storing files on the web. Compared directly with Google Drive, which has 800 million users, Dropbox comes juste after it with 500 million. It offers up to 2 GB of free storage, charging monthly to increase this limit by up to 2 Terabytes.

It also allows you to synchronize your files directly with a folder on your desktop through the Dropbox application. Most of its additional features require at least one Dropbox Professional subscription, making it essentially only really worthwhile if you are willing to pay for the service.

best alternatives wettransfer, Dropbox

It is certainly one of the best alternatives for cloud storage in 2019, having also one of the best performances in the market. Access the site and start using it!

3. Sync

Today, Sync is one of the safest and best alternatives to WeTransfer in the market. It has a zero-knowledge architecture that prevents any malicious program from penetrating your database and accessing files stored there. It initially offers 5 GB of free space, with plans that allow you to increase its capacity by up to 10 Terabytes.

Its plans are not expensive, considering the quality of the service offered. It is capable of storing and sharing folders and files in the cloud with anyone, as well as synchronizing the data with your desktop. Sync also has a mobile app, allowing you to use the service through your smartphone. Get started now!

4. pCloud

The pCloud is one of the cheapest alternatives to WeTransfer on the market. It offers 10 GB of free space, with monthly, annual or permanent packages to increase this limit by up to 2 Terabytes. It also works with the zero-knowledge architecture, ensuring the security of its users’ files and data. pCloud allows you to synchronize data in the cloud with a folder on your desktop. You will also be able to share access to files or send them directly to your contacts.

If you don’t want to spend too much and are looking for a quality service, pCloud is one of the best options. Visit their website!

5. Egnyte

Egnyte is an enterprise and business-focused cloud data storage and sharing solution. It offers plans based on the number of users – or employees, more specifically – who will have access to your storage. Being excellent for controlling access for several people within the same company, Egnyte couldn’t stay off our list of alternatives to WeTransfer. Your most basic plan guarantees you 5 Terabytes of space for up to 25 unique credentials.

best alternatives wetransfer, egnyte

Need a cloud database for your business? Visit Egnyte’s website and see their plans.

6. Tresorit

Tresorit’s strongest point is security, relying also on a zero-knowledge architecture but not only that, it is also offering 2-factor authentication alternatives to its users. Definitely no one but you and the people with the shared access link to your files will be able to view them. Your free plan is very limited, offering a 14-day trial period and up to 3 GB of space, but with some restrictions on file control and access to support.

Tresorit is a bit more expensive than the other options, but offers quality services and high security. Visit the site through the link!

7. Box

The Box is a good solution for files backup and storage in the cloud that guarantees access through all types of devices. Whether through a desktop, notebook, smartphone or tablet. You can easily access and edit your documents and folders. It provides 10 GB of free space to its users, but with an upload limit, allowing only files of up to 250 MB.

The Box also has plans for companies, offering packages based on credential numbers with access and storage limit. It is a complete solution for end users or businesses. Visit their website and see their plans!

8. OneDrive

OneDrive is the cloud storage service offered by Microsoft. It has direct integration with Office programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Its free plan offers up to 5GB of storage, including mobile applications, folder synchronization and integration with the storage space of your own computer. OneDrive also has monthly and annual plans that provide more services.

best alternatives wettransfer, onedrive

As expected from a Microsoft solution, OneDrive is robust and practical. If your desktop is running under Windows 10/8.1/7, it’s worth a try because of its integrations. Visit the site to get started!

9. Firefox Send.

Firefox Send lets you easily upload files up to 1 GB in size to the cloud. Your files will only be available for a maximum of 20 downloads in 24 hours. After this period of time, the limit of the file will be deleted from the database. This makes Firefox Send an excellent option for fast submissions and cannot be used for backup.

Firefox Send is completely free and has no paid plans. It also allows users to set access passwords for the files created. You can access it through this link!

10. Minbox

Minbox not only allows its users to share files directly on the cloud, but it can also unify all their files in the cloud on a single platform. It allows you to access files saved in the cloud in other platforms like Dropbox, OneNote, Google Drive and more. Its free plan offers up to 2 GB of storage space and a limit of up to 3 integrations with other platforms.

Minbox is an excellent choice for people using a variety of cloud services. Are you interested? Get started now!

What do you think of our list of alternatives to WeTransfer?

Were you able to find an ideal solution for your needs? Please tell us in the comments!

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