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The Best Android apps of 2019.

The giant Android Play Store makes it increasingly clear that it is not a simple store. Proof of this are the countless apps that its store has over the years. We can find hundreds of android apps, games and tools. And, among so many Apps, it is impossible to cover them all in a single article and much less find the Best android apps of 2019 for our mobiles.

The best android apps of 2019

In this post we’re aiming to help you by collecting some of the best android apps in 2019, that can not be missing from your phone. You may already know some of them but we assure you that many others will surprise you and become essential for you. Read on and do not miss the best android apps for your smartphone!

Ι. Leisure and entertainment Android apps

1. Youtube

Who has not spent hours and hours in an infinite loop of YouTube? This application to watch videos has become over time a large social network and the second most important search engine of the web. The app allows you to watch Youtube videos without having to enter the web, making it easier, more accessible and faster.

The Youtube application is as simple as the original website: a search engine, millions of videos, the possibility to register, save your favorite videos, create a channel and upload videos from your mobile, comment … whatever you want. No doubt that it is the Android app that has more downloads. Watching free videos never goes out of style.

Download Youtube app
Price: Free

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2. Play Music

It is one of those musical apps less used, but those who use it, make the most of it. It is an app to listen to music offline, and it also allows us to listen to our favorite songs without taking up space in the phone memory or SD card.

That’s because we keep all the songs in the cloud, and with just a few clicks on the screen, we can access it. Of course, as long as we have enough megaphones or Wifi connection within our reach – unless you have downloaded them before.

The songs are not free, they are bought in the music library and you have a limit of 50,000 songs … enough? Surely yes!

Download Gplay Music
Google Play Musik
Price: Free

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3. Google Play Games

Google Play Games becomes our best ally when it comes to playing any game downloaded for free in the Android app store, although some may find it a bit annoying that it appears on the screen when we are playing something.

Google Play Games allows you to create a user with your corresponding profile, record the games to upload them to YouTube, show your achievements or play with other people online, for example. Also, it allows you to save the game where you had left it, and you can win prizes and see your position in the ranking. Play with your friends or with strangers! It is one of the best essential android apps available on the Play store.

Download Gplay Games
Google Play Spiele
Price: Free

4. Google Trips

Google Trips is an ally for Travel lovers . Knowing and exploring the world is easier with planning. That is why the application is prepared so that adventurers can check the reservations of flights and hotels in their preferred destination.

The program is available offline, so you can review the information at any time. The traveler can organize their daily plans and visualize them on a map, depending on their interests and the time available. It can be downloaded in Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and English.

Download google trips

5. Photoscan

This app is straight up AWESOME. There are other good scanner apps out there, but this is by far the best photo scanner app you can ever use. In fact, it might even be better than actual photo scanner machines. The quality of scans is great. You can scan old family photos and they will come out clear and accurate.

Taking pictures in batches works faster. When scanning albums, just keep going – you can adjust borders for your batch later before saving them all in one go. This speeds things up significantly rather than taking a picture/adjusting its borders/saving one at a time.

Available in almost all Languages of the world including: English, Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese and Korean and a long excetera …

Download Google Photoscan

6. Wallpapers

The personalization of mobiles or tablets is an important thing for millions of users, who want to make their devices an extension of their lives. With the Wallpapers application, Google set out to take advantage of the screens with beautiful images and modern designs.

You can select images from their own galery, from Google Earth or from Google+. The app allows you to configure a lock screen background so that it can be seen by all, or one of initiation for the enjoyment of the user. There is also the possibility to configure the app so that every day it shows a new wallpaper, which will undoubtedly make the start of the day much better.

Download Google Photoscan
Price: Free

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7. Google Goggles

This program has the ability to recognize any object through photos taken with mobile. The application offers useful information about famous places, products or a popular image.

Update: This app is dead now, It’s no longer available.

8. Tango

The Tango project worldwide has been going from mouth to mouth: what is it? How can I benefit from it? Can I use it with my mobile? We are sorry to say that you are a little late: last December 2017, Google abandoned the project due to the appearance of ARCore. The Google Tango app is still available in the Play Store officially, but little profit can be taken unless you have a Lenovo Phab2 Pro (it is the only device that supports it).

Tango (project) is a platform of RA (augmented reality) that allows you to integrate this technology in almost any aspect of your day to day. So for example, we could see how a certain decoration is on a wall of a house, or new furniture in the kitchen, explore the universe or see virtual pets. Basically, it allows us to map surfaces and spaces with our mobile or tablet in three dimensions (3D) in a very precise way.

Download Google Tango app
Price: Free

9. Google Fit

Healthy lifestyle also has its place in the world of mobile apps. This is the case of Google Fit, which allows registering any activity without effort. The program collects data related to hiking, racing or cycling.

The information is generated instantly and the user can access it immediately. The app keeps track of the speed, the elevation, the pace, the chosen route or even the number of steps that are taken each day. The idea is for people to set goals and reach them using the app, which will reflect the calories burned, the distance traveled or the time spent.

Download Google Fit

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10. Android TV Remote Control

This is one of the essential best android apps if you have an Android TV. The program is used to convert the mobile into a remote control for Android TV. It is also used to switch between d-pad or touchpad modes, to navigate or play on the Android TV. You just have to connect the mobile or the tablet to the network, in which the TV is also registered, or locate it via Bluetooth. By touching the microphone you can start a voice search, and it is also possible to use the keyboard to enter texts on the television.

Download it now

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ΙΙ. Utilities for daily life

1. Maps

Google Maps is one of those apps for traveling by car that we can not miss. While other users prefer Maps.me offline maps, they do not yet have all the information that Google maps give. What we like most about this app is that you can create routes, either by car, bike, walking or public transport. The least, that their functions without connection are quite limited and require a lot of space.

Thanks to G.Maps, the app, you can discover new places, find that restaurant in which you have stayed or even see buildings inside, as is the case of the big airports. One of our favorite Android apps.

Download G.Maps

2. Chrome

Among all the most used internet browsers that we can download in our Android terminal, Google Chrome is one of our favorites. It allows to translate contents instantly and its operation is very intuitive. If you do not want your browsing history to be known, you only have to access it in incognito mode. Come on, the same as in your desktop version for Windows. A good choice, and one of the best Android broxser apps, without a doubt.

Download Chrome

3. Google Allo

Google Allo is clearly presented as the competitor of WhatsApp, but with a somewhat different approach. The application will not promise us more privacy than the other, but maybe more fun and fresh air. Likewise, it promises that the contents have extreme encryption and notifications in private mode.

It is, of course, an app to send free messages instantly and that bets on emoticons, emojis, drawings and photos above all. Allows scribbling on a photo before sending it (as Instagram or Snapchat, for example). The app has a lot of smart answers that you can program for the Android app to answer for you. Yes, it seems that the future has already arrived.

Download Google Allo
Google Allo
Price: Free

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4. Files Go

When it comes to freeing space on the mobile, everyone wants to do the impossible to get an extra memory. Google created Files Go, an app that works as an intelligent storage administrator.

The mission of the app is to make the mobile always feel like new. You release space by just pressing a few buttons. Many times, users are faced with the dilemma of what apps to eliminate to gain space on the device.

Once installed, the program checks how much space there is in the mobile and in the SD memory. Files Go has the ability to smoothly transfer files to an SD card to free up space.

Download files go

5. Find my device

A misplaced or lost device can be a real headache. Whether it’s a mobile phone, a tablet or a Wear OS watch, the anguish of finding it can generate high levels of anxiety or stress. To minimize concerns, Google has created this app to locate your device in the shortest possible time and, at the same time, protect the stored information. The app is activated by default.

To use it and find the smartphone or tablet, the device must be turned on, have accessed a Google account, be connected to the network, be visible on Google Play, have the location and the application activated. It is worth mentioning here in our list of the best android apps of 2019 for it is an Essential tool.

Download find my google device

6. Duo

When it comes to video calls, Google offers innovative services. This is the case of Duo, an app that allows you to connect Apple and Android devices. This app has proposed to compete with Apple’s FaceTime. Among its main advantages are: its simple interface, high quality video transmission, it is compatible with different platforms and also allows voice calls. Although the company already has Hangouts, Duo is verified by phone number instead of email.

Download Google Duo

ΙΙΙ. Android apps for Education

1. Classroom

We follow our list of The best Android apps of 2019 with this one, dedicated to the education sector. We already talked about it in our post about the best apps for teachers, but we remind you of it today. You will need to create an account (free) in Android Educational Apps.

  • Students and teachers can be in contact quickly and easily.
  • Save papers and time.
  • It helps to organize tasks, homework, exams and everything in general.
  • It can create debates between students and teachers.
  • It has no ads and it’s free.
  • Very useful for the most modern classes!
Download it from play store
Google Classroom
Price: Free

2. Science Journal

It is a digital scientific notebook completely free. Thousands of researchers and academics use this app for their field work or in study centers. It is great for those who like to do experiments at home.

Anyone can save the notes, observations and photos in one place. In addition, the phone’s sensors are used to measure and generate graphics of various phenomena, such as light, movement or sound.

With this app, you can also measure the acceleration or atmospheric pressure, among many other values ​​of relevance to scientists. This app by Google LLC is free and available for Android, iPad, iPhone and compatible Chromebooks.

Download science journal
Science Journal
Price: Free

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3. Expeditions

Next in our list of the best Android apps of 2019 is Expeditions app. Spreading education through all possible means has been one of Google’s priorities over the past few years. For this reason they have created apps such as Expeditions, which is used to direct virtual trips around the world.

The app is designed to be used in classrooms with small groups of students, and with the teacher as a guide on the course. Students can visit historical or emblematic places through virtual reality, placing the Android mobile in a Google Cardboard viewer.

Download Expeditions app
Science Journal
Price: Free

ΙVAndroid Professional apps

1. Voice Synthesis app

The Google Voice Synthesis app for Android is very useful and effective, especially if we compare it with other similar apps. But let’s see what the Google voice Synthesis app is for and whether or not we should install it on our smartphone: Its main function and for which it was created is for mobile apps to “read” the text on the screen aloud.

So, it serves several things, such as:

  1. Listen to books (audiobook type, but more mechanical)
  2. Listen to the correct pronunciation of a word in any language (through the translator)
  3. Listen to any text in applications, something that comes from pearls to the elderly or with difficulties to see.

To activate this android app, go to Settings / Language and Text Input and then Voice Synthesis. Choose it as your favorite engine. Little by little they are improving the voices, with which they get a more precise and adequate intonation.

Download Google Voice Synthesis
Google Sprachausgabe

2. Datally

Google wants to help users keep track of the amount of data their mobile devices consume. That’s why they have created Datally, an application to save data and manage it in the best way. By tracking the use of information, the user has the opportunity to further exploit their mobile phone. There are many apps that consume large amounts of megas, which can end the data plan of any person in just one day.

The program works as follows: Datally connects to a VPN to block some apps. Google has ensured that user data is kept under protection and that the VPN is completely secure. The application also has a point system, which qualifies public Wi-Fi networks.

Download datally

3. Data Transfer Tool

The transfer of information from one mobile phone to another has always been a concern for users when they decide to change their device. To facilitate this task, Google has Data Transfer Tool, an app that allows you to exchange files in a simple and practical way.

The mission of the app is to facilitate this type of work that is tedious for many people, complicated and can be done uphill. The app is available on Google Play and is compatible for mobile phones such as Google Pixel or Google Pixel XI, or other models from the same company.

Download data transfer tool
Data Transfer Tool
Price: Free

4. Google Wifi

This Android app has as purpose to configure and maintain a control over the wifi points from the mobile or the tablet. The user takes control of the network to share passwords, know what devices are online or give priority to one of them to have a better performance.

Another aspect that can be monitored is the amount of bandwidth that is being used, or create a separate network for the guests. One of its biggest advantages is that it offers help to get the most out of your home or office wifi connection.

Download google wifi
Google Wifi
Price: Free

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5. Authenticator

The security of information is one of the most important aspects in the digital universe. That is why Google has created Authenticator, which is an excellent Android app that generates codes for verification in two steps on the mobile device.

The process improves the security of user accounts in Google, since it forces the person to perform a second verification step before starting the session. It is not just about entering the password, you also have to provide the code generated by the app, which will be received on your mobile.

Download Google authenticator
Google Authenticator

V. Android Apps for webmasters

1. Google Analytics

Everything that exists on the Internet has a particularity: it can be measured. Google Analytics is perhaps one of the most used apps because it provides information about web traffic, the permanence of users on the pages and the number of links they visit.

It is an X-ray of any portal, with which it is possible to consult the metrics, compare periods and monitor data in real time. The control panel is very useful, as it serves to save the reports and then analyze them more thoroughly. The app also records the earnings accumulated during the month, from where the users connect and which browser they use. Without a doubt, it is one of the best Android apps of 2019 for webmasters.

Download G-analytics
Google Analytics
Price: Free

2. AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the biggest allies of Digital marketing. The app for mobile devices serves to be connected with all the campaigns developed for companies and their brands.

The program offers multiple information, ranging from campaign statistics, update bids and budgets, to get alerts and notifications in real time. The main advantage is that you can execute actions to improve campaigns from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Download Adwords

3. AdSense

The AdSense app provides an overview with detailed reports on the advertising metrics of a web page. The program allows you to manage all accounts comfortably and securely from any device.

The reports generated by the program include data related to the advertisements, the channels used and the countries from which they are visited. The obtained and estimated earnings can also be consulted, both in the application and in your web service. Without a doubt, it is a key tool for those who work online.

Download Adsense
Google AdSense
Price: Free

Final Thoughts.

If you made it untill here, you’re a real Hero, you know. We know the article is quite long, and we sorry for that, but Android has an almost endless great apps.

We know that these are not all apps, there are absolutely many more apps that worth mentionning in our list of best Android apps of 2019 such as Gmail, Drive or Translator, which are great, but we can not include all because we gonna never finish. We’ve given you those apps for android that we like the most – including the newest, and the most popular. Enjoy them as much as we do! And please leave us a comment if you have somthing to add .. 🙂

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