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Best Manga apps 2020

Are you looking for the best Manga apps to read free Manga (2020)? If yes, then you have reached the right website, because in this article you will discover the Best manga reader app for you to enjoy reading Manga on your phone wether it is Android or iPhone.

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We live in a stage of the 21st century, where fun and literature has given life to hundreds of characters through Manga. They are an open universe where adventures and superheroes are linked to provide us with great emotions.

Even to this day, it is possible to enjoy Manga in magazine versions. But now, thanks to  mobile phones and tablets, you can enjoy any story thanks to applications. That way you can read the adventures of your favorite superheroes without having to pay a single cent.

If you are interested in Manga, if you like to immerse yourself in the parallel worlds of these characters, then here is a summary of the best Manga apps to see Manga and from your mobile device.

All these Manga reader apps operate with .cbr and cbz extension files. Having downloaded the application and have one of these formats, the software shows you the images with great detail so you can take advantage of the emotion of the story.

The best Manga Reader apps of 2020 for iPhone & iPad

We’ll begin our list with the best Manga reader apps for iPhone or iPad devices. And what about android users? Don’t worry! we gotcha, Keep reading and bellow you’ll find a list of some incridible apps to read manga Online..

Our TOP 5 best manga reader apps for iPhone & iPad in your hands:

1. MangaRock

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MangaRock is not exclusive for iOS, because we also find it for Android. It is one of the best apps to watch manga on your mobile.

It’s one of the best apps to watch manga on your mobile because:

  • You have thousands of titles at your disposal.
  • You can choose between 7 different languages.
  • The app recommends you according to your preferences.
  • The reading experience is very good: you can choose vertical, horizontal or book.
  • As you read, the continuation is automatically downloaded.
  • You can download Manga for free and read them offline, without connection.
  • Manage your favorites and adjust the app to your liking.
  • Currently it is one of the most downloaded, because the ratings of users are very positive and works perfectly. We do not find any fault, what do you think of it?

What we like the most: simplicity, efficiency and a large number of titles.

What we like least: some pages are missing and we have to load them in alternative sources, which makes the process a bit tedious.

Download it now

Manga Rock
Price: Free+


comiXology - Comics & Manga

Developed by Amazon, this app is one of the most fantastic, since it integrates the universe of Manga from the United States such as Marvel and DC Comics. That is to say, here you can see the best stories of heroes like Hulk, Batman, Superman or the Xmen. As it also has good links for other works such as One Piece or Dragon Ball.

It really is an application that works as a large catalog that exceeds more than 75,000 comics, which is why it is one of the most preferred Manga reader apps that exist. You have the opportunity to have 30 days of free trial, after which you will have to switch to premium mode.

Download it now

3. MangaBird

Manga Bird - Best manga reader

Do not confuse this bird with Twitter. Instead of controversy, what this manga app brings us is a lot of content to read with peace of mind on our iOS devices.

What makes this app special?

  • You can read more than 10 thousand free Manga.
  • Its interface is one of the most pleasant and best designed of all these manga reader apps.
  • Self-checking of new chapters of your favorite comics.
  • You can read offline, without the need for data or the Internet – yes, before downloading them.
  • Adjust your reading to your liking: vertical / horizontal, day / night, two pages in one (iPad), from left to right or in reverse, scroll or curl …
  • Simultaneous and background downloads.
  • Search engine by categories very effective: by chapter, name, author, type or keywords.
  • Organizer of chapters and volumes.

We are not going to tell you more so you can discover them for yourself. Enjoy!

What we like the most: very easy and intuitive, both for browsing and for storing content. It never hangs and goes great on mobile devices.

What we like least: at the moment, we do not find any problems 🙂

Download it now

4. MangaLib

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A huge database, different languages, classic comics & manga, news … Sometimes manga reading apps are somewhat chaotic, but they are not. MangaLib is going to help you have your comics well organized so you can find them quickly and read them whenever you feel like it.

Why this one?

  • You can add files in pdf, zip, rar, cbz or cbr format to your virtual library.
  • Access to more than 20 thousand titles in Spanish.
  • Download your favorite chapters and read them offline.
  • Download for free in the background, while you read.
  • It is very easy and practical to use.
  • If the previous ones have fallen short and you are looking for more content, try MangaLib: you will not be disappointed!

What we like the most: a lot of content and “less popular” content.

What we like least: in some devices it has charging problems.

Download it now

Price: Free+

5. Storm

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Manga Storm stands as one of the best manga readers for iPhone/iPad thanks to its features and functionality.

Why it’s in our list?

  • Add the Manga of your favorite websites by adding the URL in the app.
  • It is compatible with the most popular websites in English and Spanish most popular: MangaKoi, MyManga, Batoto, MangaEden, KissManga, MangaHere, MangaFox, MangaTown and many more.
  • You can mark your favorites and indicate if you are “reading” or “following”.
  • The application alerts you if there are new chapters of your favorites.
  • You can download free manga and read it without Internet connection.
  • It allows exporting to CBZ and thus reading your comics in other alternative readers.
  • The reading point is saved automatically.

You will never use the web to view manga again thanks to this application. If you do not want ads and want unlimited downloads, you can buy the premium version.

What we like the most: free and super easy to use.

What we like least: it gives many problems when synchronizing with iCloud, we hope they solve them!

Download it now

‎Manga Storm
Price: Free+

The best Manga reader apps for Android 2020.

Discover the best manga reader available to download on Android for free with this list today. Pleases, if you have any other apps to recommend, do not hesitate to leave a comment. Keep reading if you want to read on iPhone or iPad!

Our TOP 5 best manga reader apps for Android in your hands:

1. Manga browser

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It is possible that aManga reader pps like Manga Browser are in the background. And that is, the shadow of Crunchyroll is very big. However, it is worth trying this, because it has a lot of Japanese comics online and its use is very simple, as well as free.

  • Search facility: you can search by keyword, either nekketsu (stock with values, such as Dragon Ball), spokon (sports type, like Slam Dunk), gekiga (adult drama, like Ode to Kirihito), mecha (robots manned by humans) , like Evangelion and even jidaimono (based on the Edo or Japanese feudal era, like Kenshin). Or words like love, adolescence, school, family, friendship …
  • Their lists are fantastic: the most popular, the most read, the TOP of the moment, the latest updates …
  • When reading manga on Android you can zoom and move the image to your liking.
  • Supports jpeg, png, gif and bmp formats, apart from the usual ones.

What we like most: its content, because 90% of the Manga we search for appear. In addition to being free and SUPER EASY to use.

The least: we have detected some small error (bug) at the time of reading, as for example that some pages are duplicated, but not always.

Download it now:

2. CrunchyRoll

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Crunchyroll is one of the Best Manga app to see and read Manga on Android and iOS phones. In fact, surely you already know it and have it downloaded to your mobile. But, if you are a beginner in this world, we will explain all the advantages of this app.

If you are one of the most impatient Manga fans and want to read manga that comics out at the same time as in Japan, Crunchyroll is perfect for you.

Do you like Attack of Titan? Or, Perhaps, Fairy Tail? Are you passionate about Space Brothers? Whatever you are interested in, you will find it updated and FREE at Crunchyroll.

Try it for free and discover a new world in your hands.

  • It is a leading best manga app on the market that emits Asian content in general.
  • They leave the numbers at the same time as in Japan: the waits are over!
  • It’s completely free, but in its Premium version you have a lot of features that are worth it if you’re a real fan. For example, there is no reading limit.
  • In addition, the same developers have another application to see series and doramas that you can not miss: Crunchyroll Drama Anime.

If you choose to purchase the paid version, you can also:

  • See the complete catalog without restrictions anywhere & at any time.
  • Complete mobile support.
  • Unlimited readings

What we like most: its wide selection of free Manga online and available for download, without cheating or cardboard.

What we like least: that, at the moment, is only available in English.

Download it now

Crunchyroll Manga
Price: Free

3. MangaZone

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If you know a lot about the existing – best manga apps 2020 – applications to see manga for Android, it is possible that MangaZone will surprise you. It is very popular, especially among English speakers, because, the app is in English.

This application has more than 15 thousand titles in its collection, something that is perfect both to start in this world and to find new things. Within each Manga you can leave comments and see other users’, to get an idea of ​​what you are about to read.

The otaku world in your hands!

What we like most: its simplicity when using it, its number of titles and that the ads do not bother reading (Cool!).

What we like least: the latest update gives a lot of problems, let’s hope they solve it as soon as possible!

Download it now

Price: Free

4. ZingBox

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ZingBox is the best Manga app. You can watch manga especially popular ones in the United States.

The experience of reading with ZingBox is unique, as it has no limits to read Manga online or download for free. Your online library is surprisingly large, and you will find 99% of everything you look for.

Its design is possibly the most worked and beautiful of all the online Manga readers that we have shown you in our list of the best manga apps 2020. What are you waiting for?

What we like the most: its design and functionality!

The least: in the last update the images load somewhat slow.

Download ZingBox Manga Apk


5. Viz

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If you want the latest news of your favorite manga on your Android mobile, VIZ comes to rescue you. It is a very updated manga app in which you will find classics of the genre and even recent publications.

The app allows you to buy, read previews or also subscribe to your weekly newsletter, so you are always up to date on everything. Everything you buy within the application you can see from any other mobile device, including its official website vizmanga.com.

And what can we find? Well of all: Naruto, Vampire Knight, Death Note, Bakuman, DragonBall or one Piece, among many others. In addition, it has contents that are exclusively digital, such as Nisekoi or Food Wars.

  • What we like most: Thanks to the previews, we can make a better purchase decision.
  • What we like least: that the download on Android is not free.

Download it now

VIZ Manga – Direct from Japan
Price: To be announced

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