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Best PS4 apps 2020

Today we bring you the best PS4 APPS. These PS4 app will help you take advantage of all the POTENTIAL of your Play Station 4, Music, Cinema, TV, Internet and much more!

You already know that in Technolotal we talk about apps for all kinds of devices, operating systems, tastes, ages and interests. But we have not talked so far about the game consoles. Well, the time has come and today we will talk about the TOP PS4 APP in 2020. Surely long hours are dedicated to your beloved console. Why not get the most out of it by adding these free PS4 applications? Keep reading!

The 5 PS4 App that you can not ignore

If you have been looking for the best PS4 app for your Playstation 4, you can stop searching because here you have the best ones. Whether you like to enjoy the best music or want to become a successful youtuber, PS4 will make it easier to do so thanks to the applications it has for it like YouTube or Spotify.

Twitch: do you want to see others play live?

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In case you do not know it yet – although if you’re here, we doubt it-, Twitch is a live video streaming platform focused on video games. So, we can see eSports leagues or players from around the world live (and thus learn good tricks from professionals).

Well, like almost all successful websites and platforms, Twitch has its own PS4 app. And, on the big screen, everything looks much better, don’t you think?

Through this PS4 app, not only we can see our favorite players live, but we can also participate in the live chat. It also allows us to watch recorded videos, summaries of events and best plays, or enjoy interactive shows such as Blizzard, Sony or Riot Games. And above, in good quality (1080i, 1080p or HD720p).

Netflix, one of the most successful in USA, India and the world.

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While we can enjoy a one free month of Netflix and see if we like it or not, we can always pay the subscription after (or better yet, share it among several people) and enjoy a lot of movies, series and documentaries on our television.

In fact, it is one of the most downloaded PS4 apps, since it is very convenient to use it from the same console – especially if we do not have the Chromecast device.

It accepts video output of 1080p, HD 720p or 1080i, with which, you can see everything in good high definition – although to enjoy the 4K you will need PS4 Pro. Its interface is very navigable and easy to use with the controls of our Playstation.

It is an Essential PS4 app!


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Spotify, music wherever and whenever you want

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We have already spoken about Spotify on many other occasions, but it deserves special mention here in our list of the best PS4 apps of 2020, because with it we can listen to our favorite songs in our room or dining room – wherever we have the console, of course.

Unlike other Playstation 4 apps, Spotify can not be downloaded from the Playstation Store. However, it is very easy to have it on our game device in just a few steps.

How to have Spotify on PS4?

  1. Turn on the console and look for PlaystationTM
  2. There you will find the Spotify app for Playstation right away.
  3. Once installed, just enter with your username and password. Or, if you are new, create an account.

Another alternative to listen Spotify with the PS4 is the following:

  1. You open Spotify on your usual device, be it smartphone, tablet or computer.
  2. Click on the song you want to hear and then click on “Additional Devices”.
  3. Select your PS4 and listen at full volume. Make sure that both the Playstation and the original device are on the same WiFi network.

Via: Spotify.com

By the way, you can play music while playing your PS4 games at the same time. What are you waiting to install it?


Youtube, Enjoy the videos and music you love

YouTube is a MUST-HAVE app for mobile phones, tablets, computers, SmartTVs and every tech device that comes our way. And here it would not be an exception. Whether you like it more or less, use it to watch viral videos, music videos or to see your favorite Youtubers, it is an other essential PS4 app to download now.

Thanks to this app, you can do what you normally do from your PC, that is:

  1. Access your favorite channels and playlists.
  2. See daily trends
  3. Like or dislike the content you’re watching.
  4. Share your favorite videos
  5. Subscribe to new channels

And a long etcetera. What are we going to tell you that you do not already know?

You may like to have a look at Best apps to download videos 2020.

OTTPlayer, Watch TV, movies and series on PS4

We already know that there are streaming platforms like Netflix.., but, what if I want to see national and international channels? You can do it with OTTPlayer and we gonna explain how.

First of all, you will have to register on the OTTPlayer website and create a free new account. You can do it from any browser and on any device. Once you have your account and have confirmed it, go to the URL widget.ottplayer.es with the PS4 browser.

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Then, you must enter your account with the data: username and password. Go back and you will have a new button: New Device. Select IT and put the name you want.

Now, you’ll have to go back to your computer in the main page of OTTPlayer, go to your profile and enter Playlists. You will have to enter the name of the channel lists you want and its URL, and click Ok. For example, you can search for Kodi channel lists to find the ones you like the most.

Wait until the Playlist Uploaded message appears and you will have the list registered. Now you can go back to your PS4 and update the widget. You’ll find the list that we have added. Select it and you will see all its channels.

You already have it! Now you can watch TV live online with your Play Station console. If you have any problems, do not hesitate to leave us a comment and we will help you.

And now tell us, what PS4 app is the one that you use the most? and please don’t hesitate to tell us if we missed some other good PS4 apps, We wait for you in the comments!

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