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Best strategy games for Android and iOS.

The internet taday has several options and a large number of strategy games for both Android & iOS. In this new article, we are going to show you only the best strategy games avialable in the market in 2019 with which to prove your brilliance and cleverness. Also we going to introduce you some fabulous strategy games that will allow you to collect resources, build buildings, improve troops and defeat the enemy, in different fantastic medieval, futuristic, fiction or western environments where imagination often falls short.

Here are only the Best strategy games 2019 for Android and iOS.

Being a strategist is a question of pride, status, level, then, it is associated with brilliance, great intelligence, cleverness, wisdom and most importantly: to know the shortest path to winning.

We bring you a list with the TOP iOS and Android strategy games 2019 to test your strategy skills. Most of these games are available for free in both the App store and the Play Store. Although these strategy games have micropayments to facilitate the advancement, you can play perfectly without paying any penny.

1. Clash of Clans

This game is, no doubt, one of the best setrategy games for many years and even in 2019. It is the most popular and the most downloaded mobile strategy games with more than 500 000 000 Millions downloads. A game in which you can have a city, so it will be necessary to create armies to fight and defend against enemies. In addition, there is the option to form clans to fight in a group against other players.

Although the game is free, it has integrated purchases, which are used to acquire some special items, which will help you obtain improvements in less time. However, it is not mandatory, since you can play without resorting to such purchases. This game is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Clash of Clans for Android

Clash of Clans
Price: Free+

Clash of clans for iOS

Clash of Clans
Price: Free+

2. Game of Thrones: Conquest ™

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Are you a fan of the saga famous series of Game of thrones ? Well you can not miss Game of Thrones: Conquest ™, the strategy game based on Game of Thrones and that will take you through the Seven Kingdoms in a series of missions and adventures to follow for the development of the story. And the good news is that it is available for both iOS and Android.

In this game you will have to build a city and equip it with the necessary defenses to protect against possible confrontations, besides creating an army to fight the enemies and go up in power. With this game, you can enjoy a common strategy game, but with a major difference that it will be starring the most important characters of the series.

Game of Thrones: Conquest ™ for Android

Game of Thrones: Conquest ™ for iOS

3. World Conqueror 3

When World Conqueror 4 was out, the previous version of this interesting saga of strategy available in both iOS and Android becomes free. We’re not talking about an ordinary game, this is a game that has more than one million downloads.

If you are a true fan of military and army strategy games, you should not miss World Conqueror 3, since besides being one of the best in 2019, it has details that attract the attention of users.

Proof of this is that it has a total of 32 different campaigns and with history where you must plan in the best way your strategy to attack the territories in any part of the world and really check if you are a good leader.

One of the details that I found excellent in World Conqueror 3 is that you have the ability to include famous generals in your squad. Which will have as main mission to help you in your battle by any means.

Download World Conqueror 3 for Android

World Conqueror 3
Price: Free+

Download World Conqueror 3 for iOS

World Conqueror 3
Price: Free+

4. Lords & Knights

One of the most fabulous strategy games of 2019. In Lords & Knight you become a feudal lord who must manage his castle, troops and resources. Over time you must improve the buildings to get more wood, stones and food and attack the castles of other players to steal theirs and conquer them. You must also complete missions and investigate new technics that will help you throughout the game. Little by little you will be raising an empire that, of course, you must defend fiercely from other players.

For this, the best thing is to join an alliance. There you will meet other players, participate in internal forums and prepare raids, defenses and attacks. The more you participate in the community, the more integrated you feel and the more interesting the game gets. Everything you do will happen in real time, which means that you have to think very well of all the movements so as not to be defeated.

Download Lords & Knights for Android

Download Lords & Knights for iOS

5. Boom Beach

With the Boom Beach Game, the mission is easy, bombard the beach and take it with the aid of your team, but nothing is as easy as it seems. There you will face the evil Dark Guard in an epic war. Travel a tropical archipelago, go facing the heads of the Dark Guard, free the inhabitants who have been enslaved and discover valuable secrets of the place. Fight against other players to obtain resources and thus be able to strengthen your base and avoid being plundered.

You will have to fight for each beachhead, free the enslaved natives and explore the unknown archipelago. As you advance through levels, the game becomes more complex and the fight becomes a race for the domination of the old powers hidden in the islands. The islands are full of risks but also treasures that will increase your points. With this game you can play with thousands of players, assault their bases and enjoy the art of war.

Boom Beach for Android 

Boom Beach
Price: Free+

Boom Beach for iPhone

Boom Beach
Price: Free+

6. Digfender

Do you still remember the classic Bloons Tower Defense? Well, this is very similar game with the difference that the road is not made, you must create it. In Digfender you must protect your castle from attackers who come underground. To do this, you must dig a hole and place defenses in strategic places. Throughout the games you can collect minerals and coins with which you can improve your towers and make them stronger.

Each tower is effective against a certain type of attacker, so you will have to think carefully which one to choose before moving on to action. Some attackers damage the area, others attack slowly but do a lot of damage … Little by little you will be polishing and improving your strategy.

Download Digfender for Android

Price: Free+

Download Digfender for iOS

Price: unknown

7. Clash Royale

I personally love this one and to me it’s one of the best strategy games 2019 that exist. The game is developed by Supercell, It integrates all the characters of Clash of Clans, with the difference that here you will not have a city or a village and it will require the maximum strategy as if you were in a game of chess.

This is because you must use the cards of your characters in an intelligent way to counteract the attacks of your rivals, who are looking to tear down your 3 towers. Which is also your mission, get to the other side to beat your enemy in 60 seconds and an extra time of 30 if no one wins yet.

Get Clash Royale for Android

Clash Royale
Price: Free+

Get Clash Royale for iOS

Clash Royale
Price: Free+

8. Hackers

If you are a fun of Clash of Clans and a geek computer science, Hackers will like you even more, because it mixes both. The game consists of defending your central core. To do this, you must place different nodes (which must be connected to each other), creating a network / path that the attackers must overcome. At first you start with few towers and troops (viruses, malware, Trojans …) very weak, but as you progress you will improve and you can become the best hacker in the world.

The core is arranged in three dimensions, which means that you can put the defense nodes in different positions so that the network is impassable. It may be a little complicated to understand at first, but in a couple of hours you will have got the hang of it. Take a look.

Download Hackers for Android

Price: Free+

Download Hackers for iOS


All the strategy games shown here are available for both Android and iOS. I hope you find your next favorite game here. I am sure there are more and others that you like please let me know them in the comments and I will update the article.. Can’t wait to hear about them in the comments bellow.. Thank you for your visite and enjoy the best strategy games 2019 in your iPhone or Android 🙂 (y) .


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