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Free and Paying Video Editing Softwares, the most detailed list of the Web.

Here is the list of the 7 best video editing softwares on the market in 2020. You are gonna see today, in Technolotal, a list of the top video editing softwares available on the Internet! Anyone wishing to make a video editing must at least have a good video editing software in his possession.

What is video editing software?

A video editing software is software that allows the user to select the images saved on an electronic, non-photochemical and assemble them into a sequence of artistic or coherent expression.

The user can make films on his holidays for example, or create videos of tutorials on CRM softwares, or even start editing a short film. The choice of your software will depend on your needs, your use and your budget.

1 – Camtasia

Camtasia is a high-performance, full-featured video editing software from TechSmith, the very people who created the excellent Snagit (screen capture software). Camtasia has the distinction of also allowing to make recordings of your screen, perfect if you want to create video tutorials for Youtube.

Camtasia offers a very intuitive interface, yet very complete. There are many pre-recorded effects that are very pro:

  • “Behaviors” to animate your texts and images,
  • animated backgrounds,
  • hundreds of icons,
  • animated graphics,
  • annotations,
  • transitions,
  • etc.
best video editing softwares

The Camtasia interface | Best video editing software

In addition, you can run Camtasia on a PC, it is resource-intensive (obviously it also depends on the size of your video …).

Camtasia is a software available for Windows 10 and MAC, for a single purchase at a price of 185.67 € ( it will again pay for new major releases ).

2 – Magix Video Deluxe

Paid video editing software, Magix Video Deluxe comes in 3 versions:

  1. Deluxe Video (€ 69.99)
  2. Deluxe Video Plus (€ 99.99)
  3. Premium Deluxe Video (€ 129.99).

Also available in shareware version, it is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 and offers a wide choice of special effects. It allows the user to add soundtracks to the movies, and to insert them automatically or manually into titles or credits.

best video editing softwares

Interface magix video delux montage video | Best video editing software

This is one of the Best video editing softwares 2020. It has the advantage of supporting HD videos and to offer the user to create his own movie. All he has to do is import the video into the software. No prior conversion is required! The user just needs to use the design templates that the software offers.

Available in several languages, including English, it is configurable at the level of soundtracks and offers an automatic optimization of videos.

3 – Video Easy

Available in free and paid versions (39.99 euros), Video Easy is a suitable software for those who have never used a mounting bench! Compatible with Windows OS, it offers many useful help and support features. These are simple and easy to access, such as the Startup Wizard, help topics, file format conversion, and more.

best video editing softwares

This is an other one of Best video editing softwares 2020. It offers users to archive their project on hard disk and DVD. It has a very intuitive interface and refined to the maximum, so that beginners can navigate easily.

In addition, the user will find many video tutorials that detail each feature. This software is therefore the perfect tool for those who do not yet have enough knowledge in the field of video creation. Everything is explained, even the connection of the camera to the PC.

3 – AVS Video Editor

It is a Windows compatible video editing software, which integrates many tools and effects favoring the realization of a quality video. It is available in demo version. AVS Video Editor has a user-friendly design interface that gives the user the ability to split, split, merge, rotate, and mix videos.

AVS Video Editor gives the possibility to insert subtitles, comments and menus to videos. The software supports many video formats, which saves the user from using conversion software. AVS Video Editor also allows the user to record videos taken with a camera in the hard drive.

The AVS Video Editor interface

The AVS Video Editor interface – Best video editing softwares

It can also burn its videos directly to a CD. Editing the finished video, the user can share his work on the net (YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, etc.). It is a multifunction software, which has the advantage of being multilingual.

4 – Hitfilm 4 Express, Top free video editing softwares

It is a free video editing software compatible with Windows and OS X that has advanced features worthy of professional software. This complete editor has an unlimited number of audio and video tracks, as well as many import possibilities (including EXR).

Hitfilm 4 Express includes more than 180 visual effects and is available only in English. After installing the software, and once on the program’s home page, click “new” if you want to create a new project, or “open” to load a montage. Some information must be entered when creating a new project, including the type of template chosen, the type of anti-aliasing, the audio frequency, and the characteristics of the video (aspect ratio, number of frames per second , etc.).

Best video editing softwares

Best video editing softwares – Interface hitfilm 4 express.

The software presents a work plan divided into several spots, to facilitate the various editing operations (preview window, visual and sound effects panel, etc.).

5 – Adobe Premiere Pro

Available in freeware and paid versions (23.99 $ per month), Adobe editing software runs only on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

This well-known video editing software incorporates various features that enable quality video editing. Adobe Premiere Pro includes an extended multi-camera editing option, which allows the user to edit sequences more simply, no matter how many cameras are used to film them. In other words, the user can, with the fitting tool, refine the assembly as much as possible. The connection will be done directly in the assembly using the keyboard.

Best video softwares

Adobe Premiere Pro – Best video editing softwares 2020

This video software also offers a great way to play edited videos, and includes an “uninterrupted playback” feature that allows you to apply filters and adjust their settings during playback.

It is very easy to use, thanks to its intuitive and customizable interface. The user has the opportunity to eliminate the jerking of the camera. It is one of the best professional video editing softwares.

6 – Sony Vegas Pro

Available in trial and pay versions (599 $), the Sony Vegas Pro has a simplified interface that allows the user to edit his audio and video recordings in high resolution up to 4K.

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Best video editing softwares 2020 – Sony Vegas Pro

Only running on Microsoft OS, this video editing software works from a track system (waveform for sound and image sequences) and offers a wide range of visual effects. It allows the user to more easily assemble video and audio elements, add transitions, cut out lengthy parts, add video and audio effects, and more.

The latter has the ability to add text (comments, logos, texts, etc.) It can customize images and other elements. Once the project is finished, it can be exported in different formats (PSP included). It can also be burned to DVD.

7- Pinnacle Studio

It is a software adapted for the informed beginners. It is available in free version and its full version is paid for (59.75 $). It is compatible with Windows operating systems and is aimed at those who already have a minimum of knowledge in video editing.

Pinnacle Studio supports many video formats such as HDV and AVCHD and allows export to iPod, PS3, Flash, etc. formats. The user has the option to publish his project directly on Dailymotion, YouTube or create a Blu-Ray with animated menus.

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This video editing software incorporates many features. For example, the image stabilization tool, the possibility of making acquisitions image. Pinnacle Studio offers simplified ergonomics that makes it easy to get started quickly. It incorporates predefined themes, as well as a “beginner” mode that makes it easy to edit.


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