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How to GET a free Hulu Plus account? – 2 Powerful Methods.

What is Hulu?

Hulu is a web platform that offers us a whole series of quality content, TV programs, series and many other resources coming from companies as well known as FOX or NBC, and many other networks.

For the time being it is only offered in the USA, although the company has declared that it is possible that in the future it will spread to other places in the world.

It offers content in Flash Video format, a fairly high quality, although there are certain contents that do not look very good.

We can find two types of accounts; either the Hulu Free account, or the plus version.

Can you get a Free Hulu Plus account? Yes, but first let’s see the main differences between both modalities.

The main differences between a free hulu account and a Hulu Plus payment account.

Free account:

The free account will allow us to see only some basic contents, a limited catalog, in addition to the reduced quality.

Plus Account:

The hulu plus account, on the other hand, offers us a more varied, more up-to-date content, in addition to being able to view it in HD qualities, and allow us to stream for mobile devices (such as tablets, mobile phones, consoles) and laptops.

How to GET a free Hulu Plus account?

As it usually happens in these cases, it is very likely that most people do not decide to pay for an account if they do not know if they are really going to use it, or if what it offers interests them.

That is why, there are some ways to get free Hulu plus account. 

Method 1: Trial.

This is the simplest method and it is legal.

All you have to do is enter the Hulu portal and click on the “Trial” option. Simply fill in you informations and you will have the option activated.

In this method you have two major limitations:

Time: you will only have this plan limited to one month. It is important to control the time because, otherwise, you will find a bank charge.

Only valid for once: Once you have already consumed the trial time there is no turning back. you can always try to register with other methods, but Hulo has some systems to detect this.

Method 2: Get free Hulu plus account with VPN.

There is a method that is also completely legal, but it is not too well known; In fact, on many occasions the company itself offers it, although this will depend on the conditions of each client in question. Specifically you have to enter the official website and look for the option of the promotion of XBOX2months.

The next step will be to enter the data of your card, or PayPal.

If you do not live in the USA, and most likely that is the case, then you will have no choice but to use a proxy or a special VPN; thus the system will not detect that you are not in the same country and will let you access.

In this way you can have up to 2 months free Hulu plus account, double that with the previous method.

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