Free Netflix Premium Accounts — February 2019 (Updated).


Free Netflix Accounts and Passwords February 2019 (Update) – Everybody loves the Big red, there’s nothing like Netflix. But some people, to whome we adress this article, find it expensive and can not afford to pay for the premium plans. Well, don’t worry we got you, this article has the solution for your problem. Here, you will find some free netflix acounts with emails and password updated every month (February 2019).

As you certainly know, millions of people around the world are watching Netflix and they are impatiently looking for free Netflix accounts even more in February 2019. This is due to the fact that this streaming service entertains well more than any typical old TV can do and it has an almost endless number of great series and movies.

Free Netflix premuim accounts February 2019 are being searched for by Netflix lovers all over the globe. Well, that’s because, as we said, a Netflix premium account doubtlessly deliver you what you’ve never seen on a traditional Television channel.

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Free Netflix accounts February 2019.

We must of course have entrance to Netflix in the first place in order to get a free account. It’s a banal thing, but before we dive in to that, we shal first must first get the idea of Netflix and know what is ​​it and how does it work. It’s famous and everybody knows it but let’s suppose someone got here and does’nt know very much about it. For those, well, based on what we said in the previous paragraphs, I am sure you’ve built an overall idea about what Netflix is.

Netflix is ​​a kind of Video on demand (VOD) platform service.

Video on demand (VOD) is, according to wikipedia, a programming system which allows users to watch videos (movies and TV shows) or listen to music whenever they choose, rather than at a scheduled broadcast time. To make it sipmle, Netflix is surely different from  TVs or traditional cinemas. Then, with that being said, in order to access Netflix, you will apparently be obliged to have a device. And just like other VOD service platforms, Netflix also has its own apps that allows its lovers in from the Net.

What’s Special in a Free Netflix Account.

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Free Netflix accounts February 2019 that work 100%.

If you doubt the benifits of these free netflix accounts, well, think again. These accounts will open the door to an overall new world for you with many fabuluous features which vary according to the type of subscription plan. Netflix has 3 different plans (it is rumored that a new plan is cheaper, still to be announced) which are:

  • Basic plan: costs 7.99$
  • Standard plan: 10.99$
  • Premium plan: 13.99$

And bellow, in the comming sections, you will get an idea on how features work according to and based on the type of the chosen subscription.

High quality HD videos

HD or (high definition) serves to let you watch your favorite videos (Movies or series) in a higher resolution and thus a very clear picture. Because HD content have a higher resolution and more lines than content in standard and low definition. As for a wallpaper or a photo, when you have an HD resolution, It wont be distorted or falsify when zooming. The same rule applies for the number of vertical and horizontal lines of a video.

Now, for this feature to be available on your free Netflix accounts February 2019, you must choose a standard or premium subscription plan. However, if you are lucky and get one of the accounts we are offering here and before someone changes the damn password (I say that because It’s annoying guys. Please do nt change the passwords, many people can use a single account at the same time), you can check whether the account is subscribed to these two plans or not.

In addition to HD, there is also the Ultra HD feature. Just imagine whith me what could that possibly means, if HD videos are already atop the standard, surely Ultra HD is far more clearer and fine. And do not expect that you get such a feature effortlessly and freely. For it is provided only in the Premium plan. So with that amount of money paid for this feature, I can hardly think that someone could share his/her account freely with other people.

Unlimited Series/ Movies collections

Well, in reality, this feature is basicaly provided by all the free Netflix accounts and passwords February 2019 we offering here. Yes, this is the first feature benefit that everyone can get when he or she decides Netflixing.

In plain english, all three subscription plans have unlimited collections of movies and TV shws feature whether you go for the Standard or the Premium plan.

Aaccessible from diverse media devices

As I mentioned in the previously, Netflix can be accessed from different media. Including  smartphones (Android & iOS), tablets, laptops or personal computers, smart TVs etc. There are no restrictions in the media subscriptions you want to watch Netflix.

Netflix For Android

Price: Free+

Netflix for iOS

Price: Free+

Netflix For Windows

Price: Kostenlos

How many people can watch Netflix at the same time?

There is a limitation therefore essentially concerns the number of account profiles that can stream Netflix movies or series simoltaneously. Just as it is declared on its official website in the subscription plans table: The basic plan allows 1 person with 1 account to stream movies and series… The quality of the videos is, as mentioned earlier, inline with the free Netflix accounts that work February 2019 chosen plan.

Would you like to know how to get free Netflix forever if someone offers you such a thing? The answer is Hell yeah, undoubtedly! No one can deny that the big red can be a great source of divertissement and entertainment, especially if you wish to relax and chill out after hustling for a long day.

A lot of people find it super cool to be able to get home from work, feel extremily tired and exhausted, and all what you want is to have a good time in front of the television, watching your loved TV show while enjoying your favourite drink and meal. Isn’t that so cool?

Well, although many other TV cable services can do that for you, Netflix ​​remains certainly distinctive from others. This service is quite exceptional, uncommon and distinguished from others. So it makes it obvious why many people seek to get this service.

But the central issue with Netflix, as well as other entertainment providers and TV cables, is that it is paid for. Netflix is a not a free service, which always requires you to pay some exta money. This is, as may experience, the problem with the vast majority of services. What I mean is, If you go the cheapest plan, you will usually get the most limited features and service. And if you want the best service ever, you will doubtedlessly have to choose premium (and usually the most expensive) plan.

Netflix is totally Free for the first 30 days.

This privilege of Free Netflix Accounts 2019 is similar to a free trial feature on most services. Which means you try the service for a period of time of 30 days and if you likes it you pay and go premium. But what users don’t like is that free trials on most apps and services usually limit and lessen the use of special features; Netflix does’nt do that in its free trial which makes it special. This means that you can still enjoy all features in the free trial – depending on the plan you chosen – without restrictions and without paying any penny.

How to get free Netflix forever without breaking the rules.

Is it possible to get Netflix for free?

What!! Get free service forever.. That’s ultra impossible.. That’s how you probably would think when you read the heading. You think it would be beyond the bounds of possibility to get the service for free, especially if it lasts forever. Well, things are not the way you think they are and you should understand that. Because my friend, if you do it well and smartly, you can spend most of your time enjoying the service for free. Ther will be times when you may not be able to access the service, but if you do it correctly, you know. Don’t you think it’s great to be able to access the service for free at mst of the the times than not accessing it at all?

A friend of mine has a brilliant tricks to get netflix for free in February 2019. When trying to access Netflix for free, he does it so strategically – and that does not always mean letterally free. For example, this month he is trying out the free thirty days trial service. And when the next month is about to come, he tries to find a coupon offering a free Netflix. And if he can not find one, he goes for the cheapest plan. The following month, he cancels his subscription and tries to find the coupon for a free service or tries another free trial period. He does that over and over again – and he is smart enough to innovate these alternative opportunities. Once, he was lucky enough to get a 12-month coupon. He did it and everything is great now. And when the goupon is going to end, he will take the basic plan and will cancel the membership after one month. And then, he will return to the free trial period and the free coupon. Personally speaking, I think this is the cleverest way to get free Netflix forever – well, even if it may not look like really forever.

Go for the free free trial

One of the most popular tips used by people to get free Ntflix in February 2019 is to participate in the free trial. We all know that a free subscription of 1 month is offered for every new user of the platform. So why not Take advantage of it, If you have a credit card, you can benifit of this trick.

Do not forget!

Make sure you cancel your account within a month. If you did not, you will be charged money according to the plan you have selected.

Here is our complete guide on how to easily cancel your Netflix account.

Expand the trial period

If you are smart enough to “manipulate” the service, you can try to extend the trial period without disregarding the terms and conditions. The company provides this service freely for a month and that’s generous from its part. Although they limit the service to a single household, they sometimes let it to work longer. And this is one of the ways to get free Netflix forever.

First, you can wait for a period f time between your free trial periods. Let’s say your one month trial period is over and you’ve canceled your subscription, which is a good move. Wait a month or two and re-apply for the trial period.

In some cases, you may get the service for free in the meantime. If this happens to you, you must bag the chance as soon as possible. But if you do not get this, try the method mentioned previoussly. It can work if you are in no hurry and rushing to watch Netflix.

The second method to extend the free trial is simple: Ask for it. Yes, you can call them by phone or email them and request an extension. Surprisingly, many people have already done it befor. They will ask for a reason, you tell them you were busy and you had not had the opportunity to fully try it. As in the previous method, there is always a 50% chance that this will may or may not work. When this works, the customer service will extend your free trial to another month so that you can enjoy another 30 days for free. If you can do it, go for it. Call them and see how it goes.

Coupons and promotional codes

Like any other service, Netflix also offers special offers,attractive discounts, Coupons and promo codes. If you think that coupons are useful only for groceries, well, think again. If you spend some of your time on the coupon sites, you can also look for Netflix services coupons.

Netflix alternatives

If you do not focus solely on Netflix, there are many other flatforms similar to Netflix that are worth trying. You can look for other free sources of entertainment on the net and in the meantime trying to find the best way to get free Netflix accounts in February 2019.

Take a look at Netflix Best Alternatives to stream your favorite media.

Create several profiles & divide expenses.

This method is not literally free, but it will take the cost of the membership to a significantly smaller amount. It consists of acquiring a Netflix Account from your site and then create several profiles for people who live in your home and divide the expense between all the profiles.


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Free Netflix Account List February 2019

Free Netflix Accounts February 2019 (Updated).

Here is a list of 200+ Free Netflix accounts February 2019 — updated – (with username / email and password). If you get lucky and if the one who came before you didn’t change the password you may get yours and enjoy the service for free ..



Free Netflix Premium Accounts January 2019.



Free account login and Password
  • marvin1992
  • justin98
  • Celina1997
  • cherry73

Currently i am using one of the above free Netflix accounts February 2019 to stream my favorite TV series House of cards. I still have over 60+ free Netflix premium accounts waiting to be unleashed here.

Kindly drop your comments and request new netflix premium accounts or comment if your experiencing any issues.

Final thoughts.

Whichever method you choose to watch Netflix, remember that Netflix is ​​an incredible service and that you deserve to make the effort to pay your monthly subscription, because if you decide to pay after 30 days Free trial, you can create profiles in your Account and receive recommendations based on what you have seen.

  • The standard plan allows 2 persons to use the same account to stream movies an series at the same time. But, at some point, the videos that they watch may not be available in HD.
  • In the other hand, if you choose the last and the expensive subscription plan, the Premium Plan, Netflix will allow up to 4 persons at one moment to use the same account to stream any series or movies by using the listed Free Netflix Accounts February 2019 above.

Now, by getting one of these Free Netflix Accounts February 2019, you may want to Download movies and series on Netflix, right? We are here for you, here is a complete guide on how to download movies/series on Netflix for free.

This is it, if you have something to add or if you have a problem of any kind with these free accounts, please do not hesitate to leave a comment, and our community will solve any problems you have left. Enjoy and Have fun Netflixing… and Thanks for your visit 🙂


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