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The Best Smartphone Fitness Apps

Having a well-toned body may require you to shed some weight first. Shedding those unwanted pounds will help you stay fit, reduce the risk of weight-related diseases, improves your strength, and helps you grow muscles. According to fitness experts, exercising and watching what you eat will help you shed the perfect amount of weight. Android app developers have come up with fitness apps too that can help in your quest of losing excess weight.

Fitness apps are programs that can be downloaded and installed onto your mobile device. They will help you keep watch of your lifestyle habits like calorie intake and working out. Some fitness apps have unique features such as financial rewards and support forums. These unique characteristics help you remain motivated and focused towards your weight loss goal.

Furthermore, fitness apps are easy to use, and different studies have proved that they can help you maintain your body fitness. Also, studies have indicated that self-monitoring and evaluation promote weight loss by increasing awareness of your habits and progress.

Smartphone Fitness apps

Some of the best fitness apps that can help you lose weight include;


With user-friendly features and tools, SparkPeople enables you to program in your daily meals, weight, and the different exercises you have done. This app contains over 3 million food items and also has a barcode scanner that helps you keep a record of any packaged foods that you purchase.

SparkPeople also gives you access to different exercise demos such as pictures and descriptions of everyday workouts that can assist you in losing weight. Let’s just say, if you couple the workout routines with supplements from the Valkyrie website then you’ll achieve the best results. To motivate you and help you achieve your goals, the app awards you bonus points every time you key in your habits. 

Lose It!

This app allows you to keep track of different data. For example, your weight, age, and health goals, to figure out the amount of weight you need to lose. It also draws up a customized weight loss plan. Just like the SparkPeople app, this app also enables you to log your food intake and gives you a weekly or daily report of your calorie intake.

One unique tool in this app is the “Snap It” feature. This helps keep track of your food intake and the amount of food you eat by taking photos of your meals. To help you maintain focus, it has a community component that allows you to participate in different challenges with other users.


Fitbit helps you monitor your daily workout habits. Fitbit is a wearable gadget that measures your activity levels throughout the day. This wearable device can also record the number of steps taken, distance walked, and your heart rate.

Fitbit also has a Fitbit app where all the information pertaining to your physical activity is backed up. The app also helps you track your food and water intake, sleep habits, and weight. For motivation, Fitbit has a community feature that connects you with friends who also use Fitbit. With them, you can organize and participate in various weight loss challenges.

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