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How to Download and install SnapChat for PC Laptops For Free.

Because of the great success that the Snapchat application has achieved, there are many users who want to know how to download Snapchat for PC in 2019, that is why this time, I will explain in detail how to download this App and also how to install Snapchat on your Android or iPhone mobile devices and on your PC Windows 10/8/7 or Mac and.

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We currently live in the era of Internet 2.0 and mobile communication devices, social networks, dating apps and instant messaging apps, constitute a fundamental element in the way we relate to human beings in this digital age. Mainly young people constitute the target market in which social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are focused, as well as other messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger among others.

Every day new alternatives arise, the number of alternatives found in the market is huge, in terms of social and messaging applications, while some flourish (like WhatsApp) others wither (like BlackBerry Messenger), as the competition is extremely strong, so there are very few that really get to be successful and endure over time. In this competitive environment, Snapchat has managed to take over its own share of the market, thanks to its innovative delivery system.

What is Snapchat?

But before we dive in to discover how to download Snapchat on PC, do you really know what we are talking about? Do you know exactly what this App consists of? It is a social application and instant messaging, which allows its users to send and receive files in text, image, audio and video formats, which, as an innovative aspect, are only kept on the receiving device, ie the recipient of the message, for a short period of time, since they automatically disappear and are permanently erased from the cell phone, thus preventing them from being saved and subsequently reused without the consent of the sender.

Its name literally means fast chat, due to that feature that makes the sent contents only visible for a few seconds once received and opened, which has been called as ephemeral messenger in the slang used by the related community. On the other hand, the Snapchat logo is a small white ghost on a yellow background, which also makes direct reference to the automatic disappearance of messages.

The messages sent through the Snapchat app, either those that are exclusively text-based or those that include multimedia content, are called “Snaps” and the users that generate content on this network are often referred to as “SnapChatters“.

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Snapchat functionalities and features.

  • The most obvious and relevant feature of Snapchat, is that just like the messages received by EthanHunt in Mission Impossible, Snaps self-destruct in just a few seconds.
  • To visualize a received Snap, you must keep your finger in contact with the screen of the device, after having opened the message, otherwise the message will disappear, even before consuming the period of time established for its display.
  • It allows users to determine the number of seconds for the content that is being sent, between 1 and 10, to be visible on the target device.
  • As a security measure, if a user takes a “screenshot” of a received snap, the action will be notified immediately to the sender.
  • It offers a section called “Stories” where users can make their most recent Snaps public for a period of 24 hours, so that they can be seen by all their contacts registered in the application.
  • In case they wish, users can save their Snap using an arrow pointing down icon, which appears in the bottom left of the screen, when sending the Snap to your Stories.
  • It offers a series of filters and effects that can be added to the images and videos, giving a greater degree of fun to the Snaps that the user makes.
  • To make video calls, both involved users must, at the same time, press the corresponding button, being in the private area of ​​the messaging.

Requirements to download Snapchat on your phone.

It really does not require a lot of technical features in your mobile device to support the installation of this application, since Snapchat is quite light and does not present greater demands in terms of hardware, only as it is obvious it must be a Smartphone or Tablet (Android or iOS), which counts with camera to take pictures and videos. As for software, it should be one of the platforms for which official support is currently offered.

Download Snapchat for Android.

If your mobile phone or tablet has the Android operating system, the fastest, easiest and most free way to download and install Snapchat is through the Google Play Store, which was previously called Android Market, because in this store you will have the possibility of downloading and installing Snapchat with just a few clicks on your device.

Price: Free

Just click on the appbox above and you’ll be redirected directly to the Snapchat download page, you will be shown different data corresponding to its purpose, operation and popularity, of course we are also offered a button with which to download Snapchat, from the store to our Android device and automatically install it after it has finished the download All this totally free, since this is not a paid application.

Download Snapchat for iOS.

As in the case of Android, the iOS operating system has its own app store, the Apple App Store designed to distribute software compatible with devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch. Mainly the store offers applications developed by using the iPhone software development kit, which is a tool provided by Apple to standardize the programming of Apps compatible with this system.

Price: Free+

The procedure for download and installation is also very similar to the one mentioned above for the Android system. Once on the App Store, after having found the application it only remains press the download Snapchat option and wait for it to download and install on your iOS or iPhone.

Download and Install Snapchat on PC Win (10/8/7) and Mac.

Unfortunately so far, there is no official version of Snapchat for PC or Microsoft family’s software platforms, some claim that a native version will soon be available for these systems, since with the arrival of Windows 10, the system will be universalized for various devices and improve the compatibility between platforms, however it is nothing more than a speculation to which we can not grant greater veracity.

At the moment, if you have a device such as the Nokia Lumia or HTC One, you can not use Snapchat, which is a shame, because although these are high quality devices and so is the Windows operating system, there are numerous successful apps that do not yet have adequate compatibility in this platform. Do not worry, I got you, I have found a perfect solution so you can use Snapchat on your PC or computer for free in 2019.

Solution to get Snapchat on Laptop.

Although there is no online version of Snapchat for PC and Mac, there is a way to enjoy this app, you can use an Android emulator on your PC. A safe and simple solution to use Snapchat on your computer!

How to install Snapchat for PC and Mac.

In this case I will explain how to use Snapchat for PCs thanks to one of the best-known emulators in the world and best of all is that it is a totally free software for Windows (10/8/7) and Mac.

There is a wide range of emulators available out there in the market, but I have chosen BlueStacks, which allows you to associate your Android phone to the emulator and thus be able to synchronize all the apps installed on the device with the computer.

Download and Install SnapChat for PC with BlueStacks.

  • The first thing to go to the Bleustacks official Page And start the download.
  • Click on the “Download” button.
  • When the download is finished, you have to open the Bleustacks Offline Installer file and follow the instructions to finish the installation just as you do with any other software.
  • Access the BlueStacks emulator from your PC and configure it with your Google account.
  • Now access the Google Play Store with your account and search “Snapchat” to download the app.
  • The last step is to run Snapchat by entering your username and password.

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And here you go! Now you can use Snapchat on your PC in a completely secure way.

A few words about Snapchat’s story.

This application was developed by three young students (EvanSpiegel, Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy) from Stanford University, as a project for a product design career course, during 2010. Their purpose from the beginning was to send photos that they would quickly be erased, so that no one but the original recipient could see them and the name he had then was “Picaboo“.

Although during their presentation as a university project, classmates who studied in this same class in which the project was presented, criticized negatively the fact that the images sent were not permanent and disappeared in a few seconds, the application would be a great success, which after changing its name and receiving some adjustments, by 2012 had already sent more than one million images through this App, which by then was only available for iOS.

At the end of 2012 the Android application appears and in the following year its owners, would receive an offer from Facebook to acquire the rights of the application for 3000 dollars, which they rejected even when it constituted an amount higher than the gains obtained to date , nevertheless they trusted in the enormous powers that they saw in it.

By 2014, Snapchat would be valued at 10 billion dollars and had a community of active users at 100 million users. Since then this application has continued to grow at an impressive pace every year.

Final Words.

Snapchat is an expanding application, which shows an accelerated growth, thanks to its innovative way of sending instant messages and ephemeral, that is to say that they are quickly deleted after being seen, it can be an excellent way to share everyday content that is not desired due to its little transcendence or to its private character, that permanently remains to the public. If you are interested in sharing every moment of your life with your friends and you do not want these moments to be virilized, Snapchat is the app for you, download it on your Phone, install it on your PC, try it and you will surely be totally enchanted with it.


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