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Best apps to to seduce and chat 2020

If your search is about the best online dating apps 2020, you’re definitely in the right place.

Unfortunately, seduction is not an easy field for all and to approach a girl that pleases us on the street or in the evening is a relatively difficult exercise.

Fortunately, as the ad would say, there is an app for that. Dating on the Internet has become easy and within everyone’s reach, removing the barriers of the approach. Here are the top seven online dating apps 2020, compatible with Android and iOS.

Here is our selection of the best dating apps 2020

Best dating apps 2020NotePrice
Coffee Meets Bagel8/10Free

Number 7. WEEPLE

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Weeple is ONE OF THE BEST free online dating apps to meet truly genuine people. For friendship, or pleasure …

Weeple is a purely LGBT and hetero dating app. You will only see authentic profiles because registration requires you to create a Weeple profile and create your own personal GIF (really Fun). Discover other GIF profiles is quite funny and gives a real guarantee of quality to the application, you can like or not the profiles and create new affinities like Tinder.


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Coffee Meets Bagel is an other free dating app, and quite different from other flirt applications. Coffee Meets Bagel requires Facebook authentication like Tinder, but it does not have the same concept as this one.

After completing your biography, we offer you a Bagel. We suggest you a Bagel based on your Facebook friends, and it will stay there for 24 hours. If you like the bagel, you like his profile, and if this bagel likes your profile, you can chat with each other.

Messages are erased every week. This application requires you to log in all the time. If you do not like a person over a week, there is no point in keeping it in your contacts, so he automatically fades out. We really like the concept. This application is available for Android and iOS users and is a good alternative to Tinder applications.

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Number 5: Lovoo

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Of German origin, this online dating app begins gradually to develop in the hexagon. Lovoo today boasts nearly 26 million active users worldwide. The application is architecture around a radar, which allows you to view the profile of people in the vicinity. Each user can add multiple photos as well as their interests.

Lovoo works on a freemium model. The application is free but will offer you “in-app” purchases.

Number 4: Badoo

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Originally a website, Badoo has managed to take the turn to the mobile and now offers an application used by nearly 200 million people around the world (website + application). That makes the site created in 2006 in the United Kingdom, the 5th largest social network on the planet.

Badoo is also based on a freemium model. There are many users on the application but also many fake profiles. So distrust.

Number 3: Happn

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One of the latest born online dating apps is Happn and it’s French.

Happn is only a few months old and yet it is gradually becoming a reference in online dating.

The application is also based on geolocation but geolocation much finer than its rivals. Indeed, on Happn, impossible to see profiles located 100 km from you, the application offers you only people that you have more or less really crossed in real life (in a radius of less than 2km).

If you have met the woman of your dreams on the street and you have not had the courage to go talk to her, do not hesitate to take a look at Happn, you may  find her there.

Happn is an application that nevertheless wins to be known.

Number 2: Adopterunmec

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We no longer present the famous dating site that has upset the codes of seduction on the internet, giving back power to women. Because on Adopting a Dude, it is women who have the choice and who choose to allow you to talk to them or not.

The site that is all the rage among 18-30 year olds has obviously also its mobile application, compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

The application (and the site therefore) have several million registered.

#1: Tinder, best dating app in 2020

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Here is without question the number 1 online dating app on mobile. In just two years, Tinder has quickly established itself as a must-have application for online dating.

The application has several hundred million registered users and is ultra-easy to use.

Tinder shows you the profiles nearby (you can set a radius between 1 and 160 km) and you only have to scan your screen to the right to “like” a profile and to the left to not see it again.

If the attraction is mutual, then it’s a match and you can start talking.

Tinder is also based on a freemium model. The basic application is free but to be able to like more than 100 profiles per day, you have to pay a monthly subscription.

Final Thoughts.

These applications are officially selected by us. Comments on these free dating apps are based on our personal experience. If you want us to include a mobile dating app, you can contact us. Oh yes! Our team has tested all these applications, so everything comes from our experience.


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